Arizona Successful Gould's Turkey Hunting Pins (Firearm) - Years 2007 to 2018 Available

Our Arizona Gould's turkey firearm hunting pins measure 1 1/4" and feature a strutting Gould's turkey and the state of Arizona highlighted with shades of orange.

Each year has a unique color combination.

The text "Successful Hunter - Gould's Turkey" is printed in orange on the top and bottom arc.

Regulated turkey hunting in Arizona was first established through legislature in 1913 that classified the Wild turkey as big game & set a bag limit of three birds to be taken between October 1 and December 15.  Hunting pressure gradually increased, and hunting regulations steadily became more stringent & eventually,a hunter had to win a draw to hunt in the state.

The first spring gobbler hunt was authorized in 1965. Today, fall hunting and spring hunting are by permit-only. In the spring, the number of gobblers taken is equal to or greater than the fall harvest.

In 2003, Arizona offered their first Gould’s turkey hunting permit making it one of only two state's to find this sub-species.

These pins make fantastic reminders of memorable Arizona bird hunts.

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