UltimateCamo - Ultimate Camouflage Water Transfer Imaging Kit by MyDipKit

This kit includes everything you will need to camouflage some stuff in UltimateCamo - Ultimate camo.

There is enough material to do anything from gun forearms, gun stocks, Deer Skulls, Bear Skulls, light switch covers, containers, cups, mugs & much, much more.

You will get the following items in each kit...

  • 1 meter film of UltimateCamo - Ultimate Camouflage
  • 4 oz Aerosol can of activator
  • 4 oz Aerosol can of primer
  • 4 oz Aerosol can of base coat paint
  • 4 oz Aerosol can of low gloss clear top coat
  • Mask
  • One pair of latex gloves
  • 3" x 4" Scuff pad
  • Detailed instructions for the dipping process

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