Feather Flage Camouflage Water Transfer Imaging Kit by MyDipKit

This kit includes everything you will need to camouflage some stuff in the popular Feather Flage camo.  There is enough material to do anything from gun forearms, gun stocks, Deer Skulls, Bear Skulls, light switch covers, containers, cups, mugs & much, much more.

You will get the following items in each kit...

  • 1 meter film of Feather Flage Camo
  • 4 oz Aerosol can of activator
  • 4 oz Aerosol can of primer
  • 4 oz Aerosol can of base coat paint
  • 4 oz Aerosol can of low gloss clear top coat
  • Mask
  • One pair of latex gloves
  • 3" x 4" Scuff pad
  • Detailed instructions for the dipping process

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